Physical Production

Vincenza Celentano


The sheer force of makeup has always captivated me, as it possesses the extraordinary ability to metamorphose actors into entirely new beings. It possesses the remarkable power to modify an actor’s appearance, allowing them to embody a vast range of characters. Whether it be the art of aging an actor by decades or the creation of fantastical beings, I am enthralled by the opportunity to employ my artistic abilities to bring the impossible to life on the silver screen.

Makeup holds the key to transporting audiences to alternate realms, evoking profound emotions, and forging indelible memories. It is an indispensable instrument in the art of storytelling, empowering actors to fully embrace their roles and enthrall spectators. As a makeup artist, I am fortunate to have been a part of this transformative process for more than two decades, defying the limits of possibility and leaving an enduring mark on the realm of cinema.