Physical Production

Tucker Marolf


Tucker Marolf is a versatile editor whose focus on story allows him to cross between multiple genres. Whether it be a drama like Yellowjackets (Jonathan Lisco/Ashley Lyle/Bart Nickerson),  a dramatic period piece like Turn (Craig Silverstein/Barry Josephson), a straight comedy like Future Man (Kyle Hunter/Ariel Shaffir), superhero action like Cloak and Dagger (Joe Pokaski), or a little bit of everything like The Tick (Ben Edlund/Barry Josephson) and Shatter Belt (James Ward Byrkit), by focusing on character and story he is able to bring words on the page to life on the screen. Graduating from Chapman University with an emphasis in New Media, he gained a comprehensive knowledge of the VFX process which aids him in the editing room both for implementing and imagining the visuals needed to convey story during the editorial process.