Physical Production

Peter B. Ellis


Peter B. Ellis lives and works in Hollywood, California as a film editor of television shows and feature films. He’s also served as a series co-producer, and has directed multiple TV episodes.

Peter has helped create landmark projects in multiple genres—comedy, drama, procedural, sci-fi, and tentpole action. In television, where the decision to move forward on a series is dependent solely on the quality of the pilot, of the seven edited by Peter, six have gone to series, including Community, Criminal Minds, Reaper, Satisfaction, LAX, and Animal Practice.

Peter’s career has been defined by long collaborations with multiple creators; almost two decades with Anthony and Joe Russo, and multiple projects with Mark Gordon, Jason Katims, David Milch & Steven Bochco, and Ron Moore. Other notable collaborators include Stephen Spielberg, Dan Harmon, Alan Ball, Chris Carter, and Tig Notaro.

Highlights include the movies Extraction (Netflix), You, Me and Dupree (Universal), and the series Friday Night Lights, Community, The Goldbergs, Ray Donovan, Citadel, True Blood, One Mississippi, Carnivale, and Roswell.