Physical Production

Omar Foster

Production Designer

Omar Foster is a Jamaican-born Designer currently based in Atlanta. He started in the Production industry as a PA before getting an opportunity as a set designer. He’s studied Architecture, Construction Management, and Graphic Design, making him a well-rounded Multidisciplinary Designer. The combination of his academic background and early professional career working in Architecture has instilled in him an eagerness to learn from the past, ready to explore new methods of achieving design goals and to seek to elevate the human experience through design. Omar’s academic background has also ingrained in him the willingness to be a lifelong student, committed to research and observing human behaviors and patterns that inform the present and allow me to imagine the future. He endeavors to bring this passion for human existence, experiences, and creativity to his role in the storytelling process. Omar is a consummate team player and highly motivated designer with a tireless work ethic who strives to be a good steward to all teammates to garner team success.