Physical Production

Nelson Coates

Production Designer

A production designer for feature films, television, and the stage must develop a keen sense of observation and research skills merged with a flair for cultural anthropology and an ever-expanding range of design skills and technological expertise utilized to create and shape believable characters, environments, and events depicted in the narrative form.  Adding history and dimension to a script through visual interpretation of the written word is just one of the many aspects of good production design.

Whatever the medium, whatever the scale of project, attention to detail and creativity must be balanced within the parameters of resources, manpower, and time. Adding dimension and depth to a story while creating a visual arc that reflects and informs the story arc of the characters is one of the most challenging and fulfilling aspects of production design. And of course of utmost importance is a can-do positive attitude of possibility thinking.

Nelson Coates has created an impressive body of work, both comedic and dramatic, that spans numerous genres and time periods, all while creating a unique look for each project that embodies a strong specific sense of time and place.