Physical Production

Meagan Luster

Costume Designer

Meagan McLaughlin Luster-(Costume Designer) decided early on that her dream was to become a costume designer.  She graduated with a degree in technical theatre with an emphasis in costume design.   She worked her way from the very bottom as an intern and had a chance to master every position in the costume department.

Her first official design job was with the Duplass brothers on the feature film “Jeff Who Lives At Home”.  She will always be grateful to them and Stephaine Langhoff for believing in her.

Some other films that Meagan has had the pleasure to design are “Repentance” with Forest Whitaker and “The D-Train” with Jack Black and James Marsden. In 2014, she got the opportunity to design a picture with Bad Robot called “10 Cloverfield Lane”.  This would be a commercial success which would lead her to two more films, but not before being nominated for an Emmy for supervising the remake of the TV four part series “Roots”.  She was designing the Netflix’s comedy “When We First Met” with Adam Devine and Alexandra Daddario directed by Ari Sandel when she found out. She has finished another horror film by the the lovely and talented Babak Anvari. “Wounds” starred Armie Hammer and Dakota Johnson. It was such a wonderful experience and she looks forward to another collaboration with him in the future!

Meagan continues to get great opportunities working with amazing people and looks forward to the chance to work with you.