Physical Production

Bonnie Sutherland

Costume Designer

Bonnie started off studying Architecture and Art History at Carleton University in Ottawa, followed by an Foundation Arts based program at Central Tech, and then graduating from a Fashion Design degree program at Ryerson University in Toronto,  thus providing a diverse base to her career in Costume Design.

Coming from a mixed ethnic background of a Japanese Canadian Mom, and a Scottish and German Dad, she has drawn inspiration from all of these cultures. Born and raised in Toronto, she works in Vancouver, Toronto, and Winnipeg.  She is currently based in BC.

She has designed for both television and features, ranging from comedy (I, Martin Short, Goes Home and Man Seeking Woman), to love stories (Pretend we’re kissing and Love of My Life), to gritty realism (22 Chaser, Cardinal, and Riot Girls).  Most recently, she has done several shows based on youth culture (Prom Pact (Disney Plus), J-Team (Nickelodeon), and Are You Afraid Of The Dark (Nickelodeon), and also Warigami (CBC)

She believes that costume design has many facets.  Creating costumes for a character based on a written depiction, director direction, and actor input, in order to help the actor with their character development and make it all believeable.