Physical Production

Arin Burke

Costume Designer

Clothing and fashion have been an obsession of Costume Designer Arin Burke since she was a little girl, when Saturdays were spent in her grandmother’s alterations studio, learning all about fabrics, and how to sew and construct garments. This unique childhood experience propelled her interest in Fashion and Costume Design, but it wasn’t until landing in Los Angeles that Arin learned just what it takes to make it in Hollywood.

Since then, Arin has worked as a key creative player on a variety of projects and has continued exploring the art of Costume Design, most recently the fabulously stylish CW revival of “Dynasty” and FX’s espionage series, “The Old Man”. As a costume designer, Arin is passionate, detail oriented, and collaborative. She thrives on giving each character a story of their own, helping bring the character to life on screen, and her work has been featured in countless fashion focused publications. She can be found wandering the aisles of Western Costume Company and on instagram @arinburke.