Physical Production

Alexandra Welker

Costume Designer

As a lifelong storyteller, Alexandra crafts visions and stories and brings  them to life, on time and on budget with exceptional attention to detail. She has been able to marry her passions for film and for peoplewatching through the visual language of costume design.

Alexandra’s in-depth character-driven approach, strong design skills, and knowledge of fashion have led her to create many indelible characters, breathing life into gritty back alley denizens, lovable high school students, the halls of power, and monsters of the week alike. As costume designer for 30+ feature films, multiple television shows, and commercials, Alexandra is known for rom-coms, thrillers, high end nighttime soaps, and beloved children’s classics. From The OC to the Chipettes, she has designed costumes that people identify with and want to wear. She styled the bands Spinal Tap and the Folksmen for a decade, designing their stage wear and outfits for all public appearances. Her music video work ranges from heavy metal— Metallica and others— to hip hop, working with Dre and Snoop. Her commercial clients include Taco Bell, Lexus, and Cheezits. She has written and lectured about the art of costume design.

She is known for her ability to listen, to guide, and to translate the creative vision of the writers and directors into a coherent visual language. Collaboration, communication, deep research and attention to detail are hallmarks of her process, as its the ability to think on her feet and not lose her sense of humor!