As a lifelong storyteller, Alexandra crafts visions and stories and brings them to life, on time and on budget with exceptional attention to detail. She is an accomplished creative director and content strategist with communications, project management, strategic planning, and team building expertise. She has been able to embrace her passion for film while continually honing her skills with language.

As a feature film, television, and commercial costume designer for twenty+ years, Alexandra has told stories in a visual medium. Her ability to listen, to guide, and to translate the creative vision of the writers and directors into a coherent visual language, while honoring their budget and production schedules, is based firmly on communication. Studio pitches, presentations, publicity copy, schedules, budgeting, research—it’s all part of the job.

Her strong design skills, grasp of character, and ability to trouble shoot have led her to create many indelible characters. From The O.C. to the Chipettes, she has designed costumes that people identify with and want to wear. Alexandra styled the bands Spinal Tap and the Folksmen for a decade, designing their stage wear and outfits for all public appearances. Her music video work ranges from heavy metal—Metallica and others—to hip hop, working with Dre and Snoop Dogg. Her commercial clients include Taco Bell, Lexus, and Cheezits. She has written and lectured about the art of costume design.

Along the way, Alexandra has worked with non-profit arts and environmental organizations, in order to feed her soul while giving back to the community. In doing so, she’s earned her public relations and fund-raising chops, helping organizations to target their audiences, and the public to learn about these non-profits’ vital missions and work.

As a freelance writer, Alexandra brings that passion and precision to bear on your communication needs. She can help you find the core of your message, and the right words to excite your audience. She is a quick study, adept at seeing the big picture without losing sight of the important details.

Originally from the East Coast, Alexandra lived in California until the NBC series Grimm brought her to Portland. Portland has always been her favorite city to visit, and she jumped at the chance to make it her home. Beautiful mountains, rivers and coast, delicious food and coffee, kind neighbors and four full seasons – she couldn’t recommend it more! She loves to travel, but is always happiest when she comes home again.